We have had quite a week on the farm! Both of our girl goats have ben pregnant and similar to last year when we didn’t know who would have a baby first me or Bella (I thought it was Bella for sure).

We all believed Midnight was going to give birth first but instead Misty popped out a perfect little baby girl on Wednesday April 6th around 7:30 or 8 pm. She had shown no signs of labor and had been completely fine around 6 pm.


Midnight on the other hand has been having a really hard time and already been to the emergency hospital once. She has been in labor since Thursday afternoon and been having fairly regular contractions and is in extreme discomfort but has yet to dilate properly or begin active labor. Now we anxiously wait as we check her around the clock and hope that she is OK and her babies safely arrive.

She doesn’t have a name yet but is super adorable and we hope you come visit the farm this month and meet her!



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