I guess it was about time for another introduction post.

I’m Chelsea the heart of the Red Barn Farm. Restoring this old farm has been my passion and my world has revolved around bringing this land back to life. I’m a future focused animal loving achiever that has a passion for learning no matter the outcome. I’m a dreamer and always thinking of what’s next and this year has really made that apparent since we have had to pivot and shift directions over and over again to make things work.

I fell in love with this virtually abandoned farm in 2012 and have been pouring my blood, sweat and tears into it ever since. It was overgrown with blackberries and wasn’t for sale but it was meant to be and the stars aligned. It never hurts to ask and if we hadn’t we wouldn’t be here now. A knock on the door lead to an entire new adventure and gave me a whole different purpose in life.
Farming is not for the faint of heart neither is running your own business. I think I fail more than I succeed but that is where the lessons lie.
I’m a goal setter although my main goal for this farm was to open a distillery. I always thought the red tape of the federal liquor control board would be one of our biggest hurdles but that was a cakewalk compared to what the county has thrown at me over the years. After getting a degree in software applications and programming I decided that vet school was where my heart was until I found this farm.
My long term goal for the farm is to be able to provide farm fresh food, flowers and alcohol for a complete farm to table experience. All while rescuing animals and letting them live their best life.

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