My Journey

How did I get started? First off for those new following along in this crazy thing called #farmlife I’m Chelsea, the #farmher who has poured her time, energy, blood, sweat and tears into every aspect of this land. I’m...

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Sweet Peas Please!

Are you growing Sweet Peas this year? Sweet Peas are one of the earliest flowers we plant at the farm and one of the most fragrant. Walking through the rows can be intoxicating! We are working on building up...

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Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

Are you growing cafe au lait dahlias? I don’t know if I could ever chose just one flower to grow and one single variety but if I had to this beauty might be my number one choice. Swipe 👉to...

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Dahlia Presale!

Do you want to grow flowers like these?! Our dahlia presale is live on our website! See story for details. These are some of my favorite dahlias, including cafe au lait and peaches, along with some scabiosa zinnias and...

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Meet Chelsea!

I guess it was about time for another introduction post. I’m Chelsea the heart of the Red Barn Farm. Restoring this old farm has been my passion and my world has revolved around bringing this land back to life....

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