Organic Produce

We currently hand-harvest and provide direct farm-to-table produce for a full 28 weeks. Soon we will have green houses completed on-site to ensure we can continue to share our farm fresh bounty with you year round!

We use 100% organic and sustainable farming practices to give you the healthiest and freshest of what nature has to offer. Our biodynamic farming practices pay close attention to the full life-cycle of farming– our pigs are natural rototillers, our goats natural lawn mowers. Our chickens help to remove the bugs and other critters in the turned up soil, and our ducks maintain a garden free of slugs and other pests while our starts take root and mature to be harvested for your next great meal!

Delivery via CSA Subscription


Farm Stand Pickup also Available


Produce Pricing at a Glance

Apples $2.00/lb
Acorn Squash $2.50/each $2.00/lb
Basil $5.00/bunch
Beets $3.00/bunch $2.50/lb
Butternut Squash $2.50/each $2.00/lb
Cantaloupe $5.00/each
Carrots $3.00/bunch
Cherry Tomatoes $4.00/pint
Chicken Eggs $8.00/dozen
Corn $1.50/each
Dahlias $.50/stem
Delicata Squash $1.50/each $2.00/lb
Duck Eggs $10.00/dozen
English Cucumber $4.00/each
Fingerling Potato $4.00/lb
Green Beans $4.00/lb
Heirloom Tomatoes $2.50/each $5.00/lb
Kale $3.00/bunch
Mixed Bouquet $10.00/each
Purple and Yellow $3.00/lb
Radishes $3.00/bunch
Raspberry $5.00/6oz $9.00/12oz
Raw Honey $5.00/4oz $15.00/12oz
Red Onion $1.50/each $2.00/lb
Roma Tomato $.85/each $3.00/lb
Spaghetti Squash $2.50/each $2.00/lb
Sunflower Seeds $3.00/packet (1.75 grams)
Sunflowers $3.00/stem
Tomatillos $5.00/lb
Walla Walla Onions $1.50/each $2.00/lb
Watermelon $5.00/each
Watermelon Radish $8.00/lb
Watermelon Radish $8.00/lb
Zucchini/Yellow Squash $1.50/each $3.00/lb

Selecting Your Produce

Fruits and veggies come in a variety of different colors. Each color fruit and vegetable has unique nutritional benefits that are important to our health.

  • Red/purple/blue: maintaining a healthy heart and memory
  • Orange/yellow: fighting cancer, maintaining eye and skin health
  • Green: good sources of vitamin A and calcium

In addition to offering a large variety of farm-to-table produce, we also have starts available for you to begin enjoying the benefits of tending to your own vegetable garden at home! If you’re new to gardening you might try an herb garden, to help supplement your CSA produce box. Some great options for a beginning garden include:

  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Sage
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